PCO Exam Results - Las Vegas


Kathleen Bednarz
Pest Control Program Assistant
(702) 668-4545

Las Vegas pest control exam results are posted as either PASS or FAIL.  The exam results will be available no later than 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday following the exam day for that week.  If you have taken a pest control licensing exam in Las Vegas, Nevada and want to see whether you passed or failed the exam(s), click on the appropriate exam date to view the results. Only one year's worth of exam results are available on the website. For exam results over a year old, contact the Nevada Department of Agriculture office at 702-668-4545.

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    Note: Exam results prior to the above posted dates are archived and only available by request.  It can take up to two business days to research the results.  Please call 702-668-4545.